The synodal process is first and foremost a spiritual path.

On several occasions, Pope Francis has highlighted the risks of a synodal process that is not first and foremost a listening, a private and communal dialogue with the Holy Spirit. 

Below, we present some resources to take care of the spiritual and liturgical dimension of the synodal journey.

The Synod is a process of spiritual discernment, of ecclesial discernment, that unfolds in adoration, in prayer and in dialogue with the word of God... That word summons us to discernment and it brings light to that process. It guides the Synod, preventing it from becoming a Church convention, a study group or a political gathering, a parliament, but rather a grace-filled event, a process of healing guided by the Spirit. (Pope Francis, 10 October 2021)
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In order to support the synodal journey and ask for the Spirit's assistance, together with the World Network of Prayers of the Pope and UISG, we have set up a website in 5 languages ( Church on the Way. Pray for the Synod. From 2 November, you too can send your prayer. See how to do it... 

Biblical Resources for Synodality

Towards a Spirituality for Synodality

Other Languages

Synodal Spirituality

The Augustinian Spirituality

The Benedictine Spirituality

The Dominican Spirituality

The Synodal Spirituality of the Community of Sant’Egidio

The Franciscan Spirituality

The Ignatian Spirituality

The Salesian Spirituality

The Spirituality of the Focolare Movement