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The Continental Synodal Assembly in Africa

The Continental Stage in Africa will be marked by two Working Sessions by a panel of experts and the concluding celebration of the Continental Synodal Assembly.


Continental Synodal Assembly


Venue: Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Date: 1st March to 6th March 2023

Participants: 155 delegates, that include: 95 lay people and 60 consecrated people among them 95 men and 60 women (27 lay women, 26 lay men, 16 girls, 16 boys, 5 seminarians, 5 novices, 8 brothers, 12 sisters, 18 priests, 15 bishops and 7 cardinals).


  • Receive feedback on the African Synodal Document and the reflections on the three questions from the specific context of the 155 delegates and their involvement in the synodal dynamics in their local churches.
  • Engage in a deep process of discernment (listening, dialogue and spiritual conversation) of the entire People of God involved in the Continental Stage guided by the three questions from DCS.
  • Gather the fruits of the ecclesial discernment into a final African Synodal Document.
  • Present the final version of the African Synodal Document.
  • Finalize, adopt and approve the Final Document to be sent to Rome on March 31 2023, ensuring that it is the fruit of an authentically synodal journey, respectful of the process that has taken place and faithful to the diverse voices of the People of God in the Church in Africa. (DCS, no. 108).

A final Eucharistic Celebration will close the Continental Stage of the Synod on Synodality. The mass, to be celebrated at the Sports Stadium in Addis Ababa, will be opened to many people from all over Africa and its islands.

Besides, there is the intention to promote a meeting for the bishops, representing all the Episcopal Conferences in Africa and the Islands, to collegially reread the lived synodal experience from the perspective of their specific charism and role (DCS, no. 108) and to prepare their participation in the Synod of Bishops in October 2023.