04 December 2021, 19:15

The commission is still being set up. Its tasks include: drawing up for the General Secretariat a communication plan aimed at promoting the dissemination and inculturation of the Synod message in the various cultures and sub-cultures worldwide and through the various media channels; supporting the communication work of the various ecclesial bodies by drawing up a Media Kit; monitoring the attention of the media on the Synod and organising media activities on the occasion of international Synodal events as well as media training sessions.

Together with Vatican Media, the Commission disseminates the various synodal experiences and good practices.

The Commission works for projects in collaboration with other ecclesial realities such as the one called "Young facilitators of social networks" for the dissemination of the synodal experience on social networks, through the portal or the website the latest in collaboration with the World Network of Prayer of the Pope to promote the spiritual dimension of the synodal path.

The Commission works in close collaboration with the Holy See's Dicastery for Communication.

  • Dr. Oscar Augusto Elizalde Prada (Colombia)
  • Rev. Fr. Paulo Alexandre Terroso Silva (Portugal)
  • Rev. Fr. Frédéric Fornos, SJ (France)
  • Rev. Fr. Fernando Cordero Morales, SS.CC. (Spain)
  • H.E. Msgr. Bakhoum Hani Kiroulos (Egypt)
  • Prof. Kim Daniels (US)
  • Rev. Fr.  Joseph Anucha Chaiyadej (Thailand)
  • Dr. LeopolDina de Jesus Reis Simões (Portugal)
  • Dr. Georges Sunguh (Kenya)
  • Dr Ann Carter (US)
  • Dr Nataša Govekar (Dicastery for Communication)
  • Dr. Romilda Ferrauto (Vatican Press Office)


Coordinator: Dr. Thierry BONAVENTURA, Communication Manager of the General Secretariat of the Synod