04 December 2021, 19:11

Considering that the Synod is primarily a spiritual journey during which the Church commits itself to listening to the Holy Spirit, this Commission, composed of members representing different spiritual families, will explore the various and rich spiritual traditions in order to identify some principles and practices that will contribute to the synodal process.

One of the tasks of the Commission is to develop a vision for the General Secretariat for a spirituality of synodality, including proposing tools for personal prayer and liturgical resources for the different phases of the Synod; organizing a network on "synodality and discernment" with delegates from different spiritual families, including new communities and lay movements, gathering information on formation in community discernment and working on a programme of formation in synodal spirituality and ecclesial discernment.

The Commission is also creating a network of spiritual facilitators/consultants for the different levels of the synodal process in support of the bishops' conferences.

  • Rev. Fr. James, Hanvey, SJ (United Kingdom)
  • Rev. Fr. Emili Turú Rofes, FMS (Spain)
  • Abbot Primate Gregory Polan, OSB (United States)
  • Rev. Fr. Giulio Cesareo, OFM Conv (Italy)
  • Rev. Fr. Denis Sahavaraj Kulandaisamy, OSM (India)
  • Rev. Fr. João Chagas (Brazil)
  • Ms Anna Capello (Malta)
  • Mr Mario Capello (Malta)
  • Ms Lida Ciccarelli (Italy)
  • Rev. Fr. Juan Bytton Arellano, SJ (Peru)
  • Rev. Fr. Marco Frisina, (Italy)
  • Rev. Fr. Adelson Araújo Dos Santos, SJ (Brazil)
  • Rev. Fr. Kolawole Chabi, OSA (Benin)
  • Ms Maria Campatelli (Italy)
  • Rev. Sr. Elena Massimi, FMA (Italy)
  • Rev. Sr. María Luisa Berzosa Gonzalez, FI (Spain)
  • Rev. Fr. Rossano Sala, SDB (Italy)

Coordinator: Rev. Sr Nathalie BECQUART, XMCJ, Undersecretary of the General Secretariat of the Synod