At the school of synodality

At the school of synodality

Enrolment open for the multilingual Synodality Training Course 2024-2025


For the third consecutive year, the Evangelii Gaudium Formation Centre of the Sophia University Institute in collaboration with the General Secretariat of the Synod proposes a multilingual theological-pastoral training course on synodality.

Through a series of lectures and group work within an intercultural and interdisciplinary context, the course intends to offer pastoral and theological tools for the implementation of a synodal style and praxis, at a personal and community level, in the way of living and being Church.

The course is addressed to priests, deacons, religious, consecrated men and women, pastoral workers, lay men and women engaged in building a synodal Church. It is possible to attend the complete course or individual modules.


  1. Pathways opened by the XVI Ordinary Assembly of the Synod - November/December 2024
  2. New practices in a synodal and missionary Church - January/February 2025
  3. Christian initiation and transmission of the faith in a synodal style - March/April 2025
  4. Synodality workshops (in presence and via web) May 2025

Students may acquire 3 ECTS per module (with the obligation of additional hours of study and final paper). Auditors will instead receive a certificate of attendance.

Lectures will be held online on the zoom platform (live and delayed) with translations in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Participation costs are as follows

  • € 160 for students - € 40 per module
  • € 100 for auditors - € 25 euros/module

Registration open from 17 June 2024

For information:

27 June 2024, 09:38