Tools for facilitating synodal consultation

Below we present a series of tools for facilitating the synodal consultation we received from different sources.


 - Process for Facilitating Synodal Consultation by Leadership Roundtable (UNITED STATES) - DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT (ONLY IN ENGLISH)

- Synodal Guide by the Diocese of Bayeux and Lisieux (FRANCE) - DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT (ONLY IN FRENCH)

- Diocese of Palencia (SPAIN) ONLY IN SPANISH: Tools for Animators, Handbook for adults, Handbook for Young People, Handbook for children, Handbook for communities

- More than a guide, the Diocese of Lucern (SWITZERLAND) offers a PASTA-talk: a website full of tools, suggestions and resources. (ONLY IN GERMAN)

- The Diocese of Hasselt has provided a Dutch version of the Goose game for the synodal process realised by the Palencia Diocese (ONLY DUTCH)

25 October 2021, 09:55